The system’s ability to provide us with the necessary tools to maintain client management and transparency across the business has been pivotal to our development.
— Urban Edge Homes

Manage the Relationship.

  • Profile your customer and understand their situation, needs, and how you can assist them.
  • Use relationship management tools such as comments, alerts, and follow-up to nurture the customer through your process.
  • Reduce email by using internal messaging and in-built correspondence tracking.
  • Escalate important issues and look after VIP customers with priority customer service tools.
  • Know your repeat customers and investors with comprehensive client-focussed file and job management.

The Key is Communication.

  • Initiate and track all communication against your customers to give your team clarity on everything being discussed, promised, and agreed.
  • Create traditional letters, emails, and SMS messages from within the system, automatically linking the communication to your customer.
  • Merge content into communication templates suitable for letters, email, and SMS.
  • Easily manage an image gallery of the job from photos taken by staff onsite.

Manage Your Files, Without The Paper.

  • Move away from the paper file and become truly paperless. It can be done.
  • Capture and organise all customer/job documents and files in an automatically prepared structure.
  • Quickly find any file you need by simply finding the customer it’s for.
  • PDF, save, and email any report, document, or letter you can produce.

The Ultimate Customer Experience.

  • Deliver a unique and exciting customer journey through an online portal experience.
  • Use notifications to automatically advise customers of important events and milestones.
  • Share you internal processes and procedures so that customers know you’re working hard for them.
  • Take customer service and engagement to the next level with greater transparency.